Matcha & Yoga

Matcha & Yoga

Yoga is not just physical exercise but also comprises mental and spiritual practices. Meditation is practice of yoga combining mental & spiritual practices that is proven to bring out inner peace.


What else is made for meditation? Matcha Green Tea! Buddhist monks introduced Matcha into Japanese culture to help with their meditation practices and achieve Zen. Matcha & Yoga is a matcha made in heaven.



Why Matcha is great choice for yoga & meditation? Matcha is Nature’s Superfood as Matcha green tea is loaded with Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, L-Theanine and EGCG, all of these goodness in natural form. All these Natural goodness of Matcha may enhance state of mind, increase endurance and focus.


You can enhance your experience with your Yoga practices by drinking a cup of matcha before a yoga session. Our Pristine Leaf Matcha could be the key to achieve your long search peace of mind.


At Pristine Leaf, we want to celebrate this day for this entire week. Whether you are a beginner yogi or one on peak of their Zen Practice. We have Matcha for All! Because Peace Begins With Matcha….


Try it out yourself, and experience the difference!



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