Our Story

Our Story

Tea Lovers

I grew up in traditional joint family with grandparents. They taught me to respect food, they said “you are what you eat or drink”. I remember when I was kid, my grandma made me drink shots of warm tea infused with herbs & spices as a home remedy to get rid of common cold or stomach aches. There is always type of tea to suit your mood, your meal or the time of the day, which makes “any-time a tea-time”. My family is very fond of tea, and I have inherited their love for tea.

I share passion for tea and natural living with my husband, AD. Pristine Leaf represents our love for tea. We were impressed by exceptional natural benefits of consuming Matcha. We want Matcha, in its Pristine form, reach every person trying to live healthy. In 2017, we established PristineLeaf.com, a woman owned tea company to share our love and passion for best cup of organic tea.

Hand-Picked With Love

We love our Pristine Leaf Premium Ceremonial Matcha, sourced from family own tea farm on foothills of Kyoto, Japan with history of making tea for over 200 years. Organically shade grown, handpicked first harvest of spring, traditionally stone grounded in batches and packed with freshness, subtle aroma and umami taste.

Hand Picked Certified Organic Matcha
Single Serving Organic Matcha Tea

Urban Seekers

At Pristine Leaf, we understand your busy urban lifestyle, and for our tea lover seeking to recharge, or the yogi looking for a natural energy boost before hitting the studio. We bring to you from family own tea gardens in deep mountains of China, with love, Ceremonial Matcha and your Favorite Flavors Matcha, in our single serve tea packet.

Matcha in single serve tea-packet are organically shade grown, handpicked, traditionally stone grounded and packed with freshness, subtle aroma and natural sweetness. It is easy to prepare instantly, and designed for your convenience to carry anywhere you go.

We love all our flavors, what’s your favorite flavor?

Single Serving Organic Matcha Tea

We Love Our Tea, and Hope You'll Love It too!

Gat & AD

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