Recipe: Koicha - Tea Ceremony Preparation

Recipe: Koicha - Tea Ceremony Preparation

Koicha is traditional Japanese styles of Ceremonial Matcha preparation. It is thick strong dense tea is preferably made with higher grades of Matcha, by which we get more vibrant color, natural sweetness and long lasting umami taste.  In traditional formal Tea Ceremony, a bowl of Koicha is shared among several guests, drunk from the same cup by taking turns.

  • 3-4 teaspoon – Pristine Leaf Matcha Powder

    2-3 Fl. Oz. Hot Water [175°F / 80°C]

  • 1. Swift 1 to 2 teaspoons of Pristine Leaf Matcha powder in the bowl. Press the whisk down/back of spoon break up lumps if do not have a strainer for smoother tea.

    2. Heat water just below boiling point, about 165°F-180°F (75°C-80°C). Boiling water is not suitable for Matcha as it can burn the tea. Pour 2-3 ounces of hot water in a bowl.

    3. Koicha is smooth vicious tea with melted chocolate like viscosity without any bubbles like Usucha. Massage the tea with Whisk, a “chasen” (bamboo whisk), like letter S. Simply an up and down motion will do as well. For smoother tea, use circular motion to whisk.

    4. Share drink with your guests. Enjoy A Healthy Energy Boost!  

  • Sieve Matcha or break lumps with back of spoon before adding any liquid to it.

    Boiling water is not suitable for Matcha as it can burn the tea.

    Always whisk well or blend well Matcha with drink.

    Matcha is not brewed like regular teas, Matcha tea powder will gradually settle to bottom of cup, so drink immediately.

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